#HP continues to struggle. Customers should find comfort in #IBM as it continues GROWTH

HP’s Chief in Hot Seat – WSJ.com

More struggles for HP.  Shares decline another 7%, investors lose confidence, and now they’re talking about a weak leader … the third leader they’ve had in recent memory.  Our customers are reading this, it’s a great time to position IBM’s strength, consistency, and Q/Q growth!  Investing in IBM is SAFE!  –RBGM


#HP Sues Former Executive

HP continues to get bad press.  Another employee misbehaving and jumping ship?  Perhaps they don’t have the same values as IBM?  I think not.   –RBGM

H-P Sues Former Executive – WSJ.com

#GenY vs. #GenX: Who Causes More IT Headaches?

GenY is always getting bad press, but they’re some of the most creative and productive employees in the workforce today.  Apparently, they’re also supportive of most IT strategies and appreciate IT support … more than their 0lder peers.   –RBGM

Gen Y vs. Gen X: Who Causes More IT Headaches? CIO.com.

#IBM Researchers Develop #Nanoparticle to Destroy Antibiotic-Resistent Bacteria

IBM is in the drug business (kind of).  Nanotechnology is very exciting!  –RBGM

IBM Researchers Develop Drug to Target MRSA – WSJ.com.

#ibmsoftware to Acquire Facilities Management Software Company #Tririga

Another investment in our “Smart” portfolio!  We’ll be able to help customers save on facilities operating expenses by closely monitoring heat, electricity, utilities, etc. around the world.  IBM thinks this will generate approximately $10B in revenue by 2015, so probably a sound and strategic investment!    –RBGM

IBM to Acquire Facilities Management Software Company CIO.com.

CEO showdown: #Apotheker vs. #Ellison vs. #Palmisano

Even the IT industry critics applaud Palmisano, relative to his peers, on his clarity of vision for IBM.  Our customers can see that, too.  It definitely adds to IBM’s Unique Value Statement when we’re confident about the direction of IBM … and of IT as a whole!!  –RBGM

CEO showdown: Apotheker vs. Ellison vs. Palmisano | Technology business – InfoWorld.

#IBM Settles Bribery Charges With #SEC

Regardless of where IBM operates in the world, every employee MUST act appropriately, embody our corporate Values, and treat each human being with equal respect.  If IBM China employees are guilty of this bribery charge, action will be swift, but it’s too bad we’re even in doubt.  –RBGM

IBM Settles Bribery Charges With SEC – WSJ.com.

Systems sellers, FYI: #EMC’s Security Division Hacked

Systems sellers, our IBM storage competitor, EMC, gets hacked!  Security is a priority for all our customers, and I’m sure they won’t be pleased to hear this.  In fact, what was stolen could put every EMC customer at risk!  While scary, this is a GREAT positioning opportunity if you’re going up against EMC in any customer deals OR if you have any customers using EMC.  IBM Security and Storage never looked this good!!  –RBGM

EMC’s Security Division Hacked – WSJ.com.

#IBM celebrates it’s Centennial year due to strong and consistent leadership


I firmly believe that any organization, in order to survive and achieve success, must have a sound set of beliefs on which it premises all its policies and actions. Next, I believe that the most important single factor in corporate success is faithful adherence to those beliefs. And finally, I believe that if an organization is to meet the challenges of a changing world, it must be prepared to change everything about itself… except those beliefs… as it moves through corporate life.

Thomas Watson Jr
IBM President and CEO

IBM Sellers: #HP Chief Aims For Reboot

Lots going on with HP this year!  IT Sellers, it’s critical to keep close to the details so you can help explain it to your customers.  Especially your competitive accounts!  Keep close on where HP is struggling and where IBM is clearly the dominant leader, and instill confidence that IBM is clearly the best decision for critical IT investments.  –RBGM

After ‘Rocky’ Start, H-P Chief Aims For Reboot – WSJ.com.