Wheel of Knowledge

This is absolutely one of my favourite discussions!  When we talk about learning curves, coaching, mentoring, training, and education, it’s a great starting point.  What do you know?  What don’t you know?  Most importantly, we need to identify the danger area for your success: How do you figure out what you don’t know you don’t know?   If you’re intrigued, see the attached article … I call this activity “THE WHEEL OF KNOWLEDGE” (although I’m not sure that’s what it’s referred to in scientific circles)   🙂  –RBGM

Wheel of Knowledge

Link to full article:  http://www.doceo.co.uk/tools/knowing.htm


20 Quick Rules to Make Your Presentation Better

Here are twenty quick rules (based upon conversations with presentation gurus Terri Sjodin and Stephen M. Kosslyn) that will make your presentation more memorable and more convincing.

The Conscious Competence Ladder

The Conscious Competence Ladder