Systems sellers, FYI: #EMC’s Security Division Hacked

Systems sellers, our IBM storage competitor, EMC, gets hacked!  Security is a priority for all our customers, and I’m sure they won’t be pleased to hear this.  In fact, what was stolen could put every EMC customer at risk!  While scary, this is a GREAT positioning opportunity if you’re going up against EMC in any customer deals OR if you have any customers using EMC.  IBM Security and Storage never looked this good!!  –RBGM

EMC’s Security Division Hacked –


#IBM celebrates it’s Centennial year due to strong and consistent leadership


I firmly believe that any organization, in order to survive and achieve success, must have a sound set of beliefs on which it premises all its policies and actions. Next, I believe that the most important single factor in corporate success is faithful adherence to those beliefs. And finally, I believe that if an organization is to meet the challenges of a changing world, it must be prepared to change everything about itself… except those beliefs… as it moves through corporate life.

Thomas Watson Jr
IBM President and CEO

IBM Sellers: #HP Chief Aims For Reboot

Lots going on with HP this year!  IT Sellers, it’s critical to keep close to the details so you can help explain it to your customers.  Especially your competitive accounts!  Keep close on where HP is struggling and where IBM is clearly the dominant leader, and instill confidence that IBM is clearly the best decision for critical IT investments.  –RBGM

After ‘Rocky’ Start, H-P Chief Aims For Reboot –

IBM Sellers: #SAP, #IBM Team Up on in-Memory Analytics

More proof that IBM continues to invest in analystics … a critical piece to building a “smarter planet” and a major focus for IBM in 2011.  –RBGM

SAP, IBM Team Up on in-Memory Analytics

IBM Sellers take note: IBM Launches E-Commerce Practice

IBM sellers, take note!  A new organization in the SWG business was launched.  It’s focused on retail operation integration and analytics.  Be sure you’re clear on this … your customers will be talking about it! –RBGM

IBM Launches E-Commerce Practice

Why smart managers master the art of listening well

For anyone who has been in a Sales Workshop with me, this is a perfect and real-time example of “Active Listening”.   This solidifies the fact that strong sellers are always at Level 2 &3, and deliver what the customer WANTS, not what you assumed they’d like!   –RBGM

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Hacking of #DuPont, J&J, #GE Were Undisclosed #Google-Type Attacks – Bloomberg

IBM sellers, take notice!  This is a great real-time example for your customers when you’re discussing SECURITY.  If J&J, GE, Google, and Disney can be breached, what can IBM do to help keep THEM secure?   What if this were to happen to THEIR organization?  A good conversation to have!   –RBGM

Hacking of DuPont, J&J, GE Were Undisclosed Google-Type Attacks – Bloomberg.

LVMH Aims to Acquire Bulgari After Agreeing to Buy Family Stake – Bloomberg

Business followers, another corporate buy-out in the works.  They’re companies we know but don’t often get to support (but would love to, eh?!:)   #LVMH is planning to buy out #Bulgari, brining it under their umbrella alongside #Hermes.  Good opportunity for Consulting Services perhaps?  IT consolidation?  –RBGM

LVMH Aims to Acquire Bulgari After Agreeing to Buy Family Stake – Bloomberg.

IBM’s Sam Palmisano: A super second act

IBM’s Sam Palmisano: A super second act – Fortune Tech.

This is a GREAT read for all my IBM peers.  It  highlights our incredible leader, #Palmisano, and his vision for our company.  Thanks to Forbes and @ForbesDaily for sharing this great piece.  –RGMB

Top 50 Sales Blogs 2011

SalesCrunch Top 50 Sales Blogs 2011.

Wow!  Great list of resources for sellers!  Obviously we all can’t follow this many blogs, but have a look at the top sites and see if any resonate with you.  Even if you just subscribe to one, it’s better than none!  –RBGM