Reading List



Reading is a great way to spend your down time.  It’s also great use of your time on commutes, long flights, or road trips (when you’re stuck in the back seat!).  I usually have a few books on the go at any time.  Often I have a thriller on my bed-side table (Dean Koontz, usually) along with another book on the topic of leadership, sales, or business.  It may sound dull, but I don’t read a book unless (at least) the summary or recommendations resonate with me in some way.  Typically, my mood and the state of my skills and career help me select the materials.  Here is a list of books I’ve read and enjoyed.  If you’d like to know more about the books or what I’ve learned and applied from each, reach out to me.  I’m happy to help you build your reading list! For a complete book list with comments, reviews, and online ordering, see my LinkedIn profile:  Rylan’s Reading List on LinkedIn*

Remember:  “Leaders are readers”, so get to it!


*you will need a LinkedIn id and password





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