FP Marketing: Starbucks gets a new logo | FP Posted | Financial Post

Logos are an important part of any brand, but companies leverage them differently.  Starbucks is certainly well known, so this change is interesting.  By removing the English text, they feel they can expand much easier into Asia (or so the company feels).   –RBGM

FP Marketing: Starbucks gets a new logo


Define Your Personal Brand – Harvard Business Review

I’m a believer that everyone builds a personal brand, whether they are trying to or not.  If we DON’T make conscious decisions about what will affect our brand, especially in professional circles, we run the risk of losing control.  Each decision we make, the clothes we wear, how we handle conflict, etc. affects our brand.  Think about what you want your personal brand to stand for.  Do your social media activities support it?  Do your relationships?  Your behaviours?   A good article to get you thinking about how to build a winning persona that will help you get ahead in your career!  –RBGM

Define Your Personal Brand – Harvard Business Review

Tips for Humanizing Your Résumé – BusinessWeek

Great article on how to differentiate your resume.  Bottom line, build in plenty of RESULTS!  What did you actually accomplish?  Similar to the IBM annual employee evaluation process (called PBC), you should demonstrate your results in real terms. “In 2009 I drove $100M in new sales opportunities in Canadian whitespace accounts, 20% above plan” vs “Exceeded new sales opportunity quota each quarter”.  –RBGM

Tips for Humanizing Your Résumé – BusinessWeek

Worlds Most Valuable Brands – The Globe and Mail

IBM ranks  #2 in the Top Ten

Coca-Cola and IBM in top spots.

The Top Ten

The rankings with brand value in U.S. dollars and change in brand value:

1. Coca-Cola: $70.5-billion, +2%

2. IBM: $64.7-billion, +7%

3. Microsoft: $60.9-billion, +7%

4. Google: $43.6-billion, +36%

5. GE: $42.8-billion, -10%

6. McDonald’s: $33.6-billion, +4%

7. Intel: $32-billion, +4%

8. Nokia: $29.5-billion, -15%

9. Disney: $28.7-billion, +1%

10. HP: $26.9-billion, +12%