#HP continues to struggle. Customers should find comfort in #IBM as it continues GROWTH

HP’s Chief in Hot Seat – WSJ.com

More struggles for HP.  Shares decline another 7%, investors lose confidence, and now they’re talking about a weak leader … the third leader they’ve had in recent memory.  Our customers are reading this, it’s a great time to position IBM’s strength, consistency, and Q/Q growth!  Investing in IBM is SAFE!  –RBGM


#HP Sues Former Executive

HP continues to get bad press.  Another employee misbehaving and jumping ship?  Perhaps they don’t have the same values as IBM?  I think not.   –RBGM

H-P Sues Former Executive – WSJ.com

IBM Sellers: #HP Chief Aims For Reboot

Lots going on with HP this year!  IT Sellers, it’s critical to keep close to the details so you can help explain it to your customers.  Especially your competitive accounts!  Keep close on where HP is struggling and where IBM is clearly the dominant leader, and instill confidence that IBM is clearly the best decision for critical IT investments.  –RBGM

After ‘Rocky’ Start, H-P Chief Aims For Reboot – WSJ.com.


Remapping Computer Circuitry to Avert Impending Bottlenecks

Remapping Computer Circuitry to Avert Impending Bottlenecks – NYTimes.com.

IBM Sellers, it’s good to keep up with the industry.  Check out this article, which features both IBM and HP, on the future of computer circuitry.  –RBGM


The Fallacy of the “Middle of the Road” Strategy

A great article that references IBM, and how we leverage our need to “be the best” in order to truly BE THE BEST!  Companies that try to be good at everything don’t get as far as those who focus and build depth.  I think the same is true for our personal performance and our individual brands!  –RBGM

The Fallacy of the “Middle of the Road” Strategy | BNET.


HP Triggers Sell Off As Guidance Disappoints – Forbes

HP isn’t quite on the path it was hoping for this year … especially if they’re hoping to compete with IBM.  –RBGM

HP Triggers Sell Off As Guidance Disappoints


HP Puts on Data Center Hard Hat

HP makes more changes to align with IBM.   –RBGM

HP Puts on Data Center Hard Hat CIO.com


HP to Launch Enterprise Cloud Service

HP is announcing deeper involvement in Cloud computing.   I still don’t think they can compete with IBM end to end, especially with their currently SW portfolio, but this is the direction IT is taking.  May be best organization win 🙂   –RBGM

HP to Launch Enterprise Cloud Service CIO.com


Hurd’s Departure From H.P. Under S.E.C. Investigation – NYTimes.com

Can Oracle trust their new CEO?  Mr. Hurd left HP suddenly and it’s coming back to haunt him!  –RBGM

Hurd’s Departure From H.P. Under S.E.C. Investigation – NYTimes.com.


What’s on HP’s Software Shopping List? CIO.com

HP is building plans to invest in Business Intelligence software, bringing it’s portfolio closer to IBM’s with a stronger mix of hardware, software, and services.  –RBGM

What’s on HP’s Software Shopping List? CIO.com.