Five Dumb Sales Questions | BTalk | BNET

Art Sobczak is a well known sales coach.  He has some thoughts on what we SHOULD NOT ask a customer on the phone (in the consulting phase of our call model).  These could be conversation stoppers you may want to avoid.  The best sales reps encourage their customer to speak 80% of the time.  The art of selling is figuring out how to do that, and dance in the moment with your customers by asking all the right questions.  Listen to this 10 minute pod cast and see if there is something you can do differently!  –RBGM

Five Dumb Sales Questions | BNET


Curiosity is the Key to Cold Calling Success

Do you “dance in the moment” with your customer?  Are you a scripted sales rep who needs to follow a template, or do you enter each new interaction with interest and intrigue?

Curiosity is the Key to Cold Calling Success

Businesses not properly prepared for network disruptions

Great data for your sales conversions.  Are you helping your customers uncover weaknesses in their contingency plans?  Backup and recovery systems?  If no action is taken and a disaster hits, are they ready?  Many business have been affected by lack of planning.