Greplin makes social search impossibly easy

Tools like this one will continue to be developed.  It forces us to constantly be aware of our “Googlability” and how our online lives could have … or WILL have … a serious impact on our reputations and personal brands!   –RBGM

Greplin makes social search impossibly easy – The Globe and Mail.


10 Laws of Social Media Marketing | Reuters

Social media needs to be on the minds of all sellers.  Do you have your strategy?  –RBGM

10 Laws of Social Media Marketing | Reuters.

Why IBM Could Be Bigger Than Facebook in Social Media | Fast Company

The IBM sales force will agree that social media has been a hot topic of late, and for good reason.  We’re talking about amongst ourselves, our customers are talking about it, and many are building strategies to leverage it’s power.  This is a great article that shows IBM’s focus on social media for business … the future of how we’ll communicate!  –RBGM

Why IBM Could Be Bigger Than Facebook in Social Media | Fast Company.

Define Your Personal Brand – Harvard Business Review

I’m a believer that everyone builds a personal brand, whether they are trying to or not.  If we DON’T make conscious decisions about what will affect our brand, especially in professional circles, we run the risk of losing control.  Each decision we make, the clothes we wear, how we handle conflict, etc. affects our brand.  Think about what you want your personal brand to stand for.  Do your social media activities support it?  Do your relationships?  Your behaviours?   A good article to get you thinking about how to build a winning persona that will help you get ahead in your career!  –RBGM

Define Your Personal Brand – Harvard Business Review

Three quarters of companies have no formal social media strategy.

Social media is a hot topic.  It’s huge in our social lives, but are we leveraging it professionally?  Do companies embrace it and build it into their fabric?  A few good points in this article to consider, especially when you’re employing the Generation Y!