Hacking of #DuPont, J&J, #GE Were Undisclosed #Google-Type Attacks – Bloomberg

IBM sellers, take notice!  This is a great real-time example for your customers when you’re discussing SECURITY.  If J&J, GE, Google, and Disney can be breached, what can IBM do to help keep THEM secure?   What if this were to happen to THEIR organization?  A good conversation to have!   –RBGM

Hacking of DuPont, J&J, GE Were Undisclosed Google-Type Attacks – Bloomberg.


IBM, Google among most gay-friendly firms: survey

IBM has always put a focus on equality.  It started with gender equality (before it was law in any country) and has moved to visible and non-visible minority groups over time.  As quoted in the attached article:

“International business has an immeasurably important role to play in
developing tolerance and diversity throughout the world”

This proves IBM really is a great place to work and encourages individuality, leverages employee unique value, understands cultural differences and celebrates diversity.  That, combined, create positive work environments which drive creativity (and results!)  –RBGM

IBM, Google among most gay-friendly firms: survey.

Tech giants IBM and Google are among the household names topping the list of lesbian, gay, bisexual and transgender-friendly corporations, according an international business equality index released Thursday.