Why smart managers master the art of listening well

For anyone who has been in a Sales Workshop with me, this is a perfect and real-time example of “Active Listening”.   This solidifies the fact that strong sellers are always at Level 2 &3, and deliver what the customer WANTS, not what you assumed they’d like!   –RBGM

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Top 50 Sales Blogs 2011

SalesCrunch Top 50 Sales Blogs 2011.

Wow!  Great list of resources for sellers!  Obviously we all can’t follow this many blogs, but have a look at the top sites and see if any resonate with you.  Even if you just subscribe to one, it’s better than none!  –RBGM

Selling to Big Companies: Why This Voicemail Failed

Many sellers struggle with how to leave an effective voicemail message.  How many of YOUR messages are returned?  Great article from Jill that encourages you to cut the fluff … remember, it’s about value and benefit to the customer first … BE PROVACATIVE!!   –RBGM

Jill Konrath | Selling to Big Companies: Why This Voicemail Failed.

How to Be a Great Sales Manager | BNET

How often, as managers, do we promote people into leadership roles because they’re good individual contributors.  If you’re looking towards management, these are good points to measure yourself against.  Are you ready?    –RBGM

How to Be a Great Sales Manager | BNET.

When “Yes” Means Something Else in Sales

Some great things to consider when you’re working with your customers.  Don’t get too excited too early, and keep your eyes open for false positives … it could help you save your deal!    –RBGM

When “Yes” Means Something Else in Sales | BNET.

A Perfect Elevator Pitch…From a Reader | BNET

Every sales rep, from Inside Sales to the CEO, needs to master the art of the elevator pitch.  It’s an area most of us seem to miss, but all of us have the opportunity to use.  –RBGM

A Perfect Elevator Pitch…From a Reader | BNET.

Five Dumb Sales Questions | BTalk | BNET

Art Sobczak is a well known sales coach.  He has some thoughts on what we SHOULD NOT ask a customer on the phone (in the consulting phase of our call model).  These could be conversation stoppers you may want to avoid.  The best sales reps encourage their customer to speak 80% of the time.  The art of selling is figuring out how to do that, and dance in the moment with your customers by asking all the right questions.  Listen to this 10 minute pod cast and see if there is something you can do differently!  –RBGM

Five Dumb Sales Questions | BNET

Enterprise Adoption of Private Cloud Widespread

Cloud is a hot topic in IT circles.  Many of our customers are considering it,and may sales forces are learning more about it to leverage in their sales discussions.  If you’re selling IT and don’t know about the Cloud, get started!  It will make or break your competitive advantage.  See this article for some great statistics on what customers are thinking about Cloud … great leverage to position your offerings correctly!  –RBGM

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Tips for Humanizing Your Résumé – BusinessWeek

Great article on how to differentiate your resume.  Bottom line, build in plenty of RESULTS!  What did you actually accomplish?  Similar to the IBM annual employee evaluation process (called PBC), you should demonstrate your results in real terms. “In 2009 I drove $100M in new sales opportunities in Canadian whitespace accounts, 20% above plan” vs “Exceeded new sales opportunity quota each quarter”.  –RBGM

Tips for Humanizing Your Résumé – BusinessWeek

Grab Your Prospect’s Attention by Crafting a ‘Compelling Reason’

For anyone doing outbound sales (or cold calling) this is a great article that talks about building a strong “opening statement” or “value statement”.  You have about 15 seconds to keep someones attention.  Can you do it?  It’s a critical sales skill that everyone needs to hone!!  –RBGM

Grab Your Prospect’s Attention by Crafting a ‘Compelling Reason’ | Company Activities & Management > Sales & Selling from AllBusiness.com.